Research has shown (see below) that a rehab regimen consisting of isometric lumbar extension exercises in conjunction with low back stabilization exercises is the most effective way to produce a measurable increase in low back muscle strength (Lumbar Multifidus muscles) thereby combating the muscle atrophy of that occurs in the spine with lower back pain.

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Effects of three different training modalities on the cross sectional area of the lumbar multifidus muscle in patients with chronic low back pain

Danneels LA, Vanderstraeten GG, Cambier DC, Witvrouw EE, Bourgois J, Dankaerts W, De Cuyper HJ

Br J Sports Med 2001; 35(3): 186-191

Authors Conclusions: The results of this study suggest that the static holding component between the concentric and eccentric phase was found to be critical in inducing muscle hypertrophy during the first 10 weeks of training. A treatment routine consisting of stabilization training combined with dynamic-static workload for the paravertebral muscles seems to be the most appropriate method for reversing atrophy of the multifidus muscle.



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