Physical Therapy in Boise – Educating Patients About Thier Back Pain Is A Primary Part Of Treatment

Study Shows a Positive Attitude and ‘Health Literacy’ Play Key Roles in Back Pain Relief
By Salynn Boyles
WebMD Health News

“It has long been recognized that patients’ attitudes and beliefs about their back pain can play a big part in how well their pain is managed. Now new research confirms a patient’s level of knowledge about the condition is also critical, as well as their willingness and ability to use that knowledge.”

One of the primary roles of the Physical Therapist is to educate patients about their back pain.


“For most patients, psychological factors as well as beliefs, attitudes, and health literacy will also come into play,” he says. “We can tell patients to stay active, for example, but if they don’t believe exercise  will help or if they fear activity will make their condition worse, they aren’t going to do it.”

Physical therapists also work with patients to guide them through the intial stages of therapeutic exercise to ensure that the exercises are preformed correctly. Therapists also modify the exercises appropriately so that patients do not aggravate their pain.

This guided approach to exercise helps patients break through the fear of activity that can hinder their progress. Once patients know what exercises are benefical, why they work and how to do them correctly without increasing thier pain they make much bigger strides toward recovery.



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